Stainless Steel Pressure

Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel

Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel
Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel
Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel

Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel    Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel: Made with excellent materials, this pressure cooker is highly heat resistant, and can withstand harsh environment, ensuring long lasting quality and durability. Efficient Cooking: With high pressure cooking, the pressure cooker raises the boiling point of water, significantly reducing cooking time compared to traditional stovetop cooking. It also retains more nutrients in the food. And internal circulation makes the cooking more even. Multi Functional Design: This pressure cooker can be used for cooking rice, stewing soup, steaming, making porridge, and boiling noodles.

It offers versatile cooking options for your convenience. Intelligent Protection: Equipped with a safety valve and pressure limit device, this high pressure cooker intelligently controls the internal pressure, ensuring a safe cooking process. The pressure limit valve auto locks when the internal pressure reaches 80KPA. At this time, the lid cannot be opened until the pressure lower down 80Kpa.

Wide Compatible: The pressure cooker is compatible with both induction stovetops and gas stoves, allowing for quick and efficient heat transfer. It is versatile and can be used on different types of cooktops. Item Type: Pressure cooker Material: Stainless steel Compatible: Induction cooker, gas stove, electric stove, ceramic stove Pressure: 80kpa Application: Suitable for food that need long time cooking, like whole meat, soup, rice and congee Safety check: Before each use, please open the anti blocking cap and carefully check if the exhaust pipe is unobstructed by shining a light source on the inner side of the lid. Check if the anti blocking cap, pressure limiting valve, and safety valve are clean. If there is any blockage, it must be immediately removed; check if the sealing ring is in the correct position.

Proper closing of the lid: When closing the lid, align the "down" mark on the lid near the handle with the "up" mark on the handle underneath the pot, fasten the lid, and turn the handle clockwise until the upper and lower handles are aligned. When closing the lid, the bottom of the lid should be parallel to the pot opening, and pressure should be applied evenly around.

If unable to close, please refer to the relevant content in the "Trouble and solution" section, and do not forcibly close it to avoid damaging the components. Cooling and pressure reduction: Before opening the lid, move the pot away from the heat source.

Let the pressure cooker cool naturally at room temperature or forcibly cool it with cold water. Note: Try to avoid immersing the pot in cold water for cooling and pressure reduction, so as not to change the performance of the pot.

Opening the lid: Before opening the lid, the pressure limiting valve must be removed. Then, turn the handle counterclockwise, and open the lid when the "down" mark on the lid aligns with the "up" mark on the handle underneath the pot. Trouble and solution: Pressure indicator (stop valve) does not rise: Insufficient firepower of the stove (increase firepower), insufficient water in the pot (remove the pot from the heat source, cool it, open the lid, clean and add enough water), unclean stop valve (remove the pot from the heat source, exhaust the steam, open the lid, and clean the corresponding parts), body or lid not properly closed (align the body and lid, and align the upper and lower handles). Air leakage from the underside of the lid: Sealing ring is not clean (clean the sealing ring and place it in the correct position), sealing ring is aging or damaged (replace the sealing ring), lid or body is deformed (send for repair).

Soup or rice paste spewing out from the hole of the pressure limiting valve: Fire is too strong (immediately reduce the firepower), overcapacity of the food being cooked (follow the capacity requirements during use). Unable to open the lid or difficult to open: There is still pressure in the pot, cannot be opened (must cool down and release pressure), pressure indicator (stop valve) has not fallen (press down the pressure indicator with chopsticks, clean after opening the lid).

Unable to close the lid: First time use (apply cooking oil to the pot opening), lid "down" mark not properly aligned with the lower handle "up" mark (align the lid "down" mark with the lower handle "up", apply even pressure and rotate to close), possible deformation due to dropping or collision (send for repair). Strong air venting from the safety valve: Increased pressure in the pot due to blockage in the exhaust pipe, heavy object placed on the pressure limiting valve (strictly prohibited) (immediately turn off the heat source, wait for the steam inside the pot to vent, open the lid to check the cause of blockage, and clean the safety valve).

Sealing ring being squeezed out from the side safety window of the lid: Sealing ring is old and aging or excessive pressure in the pot 1. Replace the aging sealing ring. Check the anti blocking cap and exhaust pipe, eliminate excessive pressure in the pot, and remove the squeezed out sealing ring, clean it, and put it back in the appropriate position on the lid.

4 x Spare Sealing Ring. Before use, the exhaust holes of the pressure limit valve should be carefully checked to ensure they are unobstructed. Only use liquids in the cooker that can generate steam, such as water or broth.

Strictly control the amount of food cooked each time according to its characteristics. When steam is steadily released from the pressure limit valve, immediately reduce the heat.

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Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel    Pressure Cooker 80kpa Pressure Canner Fast Cooking Stainless Steel